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Dr Deb Moncauskas shares her thoughts and ideas from her 35 years in Children and Family Ministry. Also, stay tuned for upcoming events, news and announcements!

Celebrate What’s Right with Your Child

I believe that what makes the biggest developmental difference in someone’s life is having at least one person who not only loves and cares about him/her but who also recognizes, celebrates and encourages their uniqueness.  Someone who encourages them to excel....

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Healthy and Compassionate Leaders

Every child in our ministry has been created in the image of God and therefore is valuable and full of potential. Each is on a unique and purposeful journey. Do you believe this? If so, how can you help them develop capabilities that will lead them to becoming...

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Children and Youth are the Future Church?

I have often heard children and youth referred to as the “future church”. On one hand the reference speaks to our responsibility to guide and grow them in things of faith and leadership, as one day they will be leading our churches and we will be following. On the...

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