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Children & Family Ministry | Speaker | Coach

Bringing years of practical hands-on experience in Children & Family Ministry.
As a life-long learner and educator, Dr Deb has a current and relevant approach to ministry in the 21st century. Clients receive uniquely tailored coaching and ministry plans.

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Ministry Consultant

Dr Deb will provide an in-depth analysis of your children’s ministry programs. This assessment includes noting and listening to the ministry’s successes, needs and concerns and then addressing challenges and developing a plan for growth.

Ministry Coach / Mentor

Coaching is a 3-6 month commitment that provides one on one direct mentoring and accountability in the area of children and family ministry in order to take a ministry leader to the next level. Coaching will be uniquely tailored to each individual’s needs.


Speaker & Educator

While most often speaking on Children and Family ministry-related topics, Dr Deb also speaks on leadership, ministry administration, teacher education, staff development, teams and team building, and living and leading from your strengths.

A Word

From Dr. Deb

” I have served for 36 years in Children and Family Ministry. I have been a Seminary Professor for 18 years at Bethel Seminary, and I am a Doctoral Thesis Advisor at Bethel Seminary. I speak annually at national conferences and lead certificate programs in Children’s Ministry, Family Ministry and Pastoral Care. “

– Dr Deb Moncauskas



Dr. Deb’s Thoughts & News

Dr Deb Moncauskas shares her thoughts and ideas from her 36 years in Children and Family Ministry. Also, stay tuned for upcoming events, news and announcements!

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