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Dr. Deb Moncauskas is an amazing blend of gifted, experienced and called practitioner of Children’s and Family Ministry in the local church, coupled with her rigorous academic preparation in both the Master of Arts in Children’s and Family Ministry and the Doctor of Ministry degree with a specialization in StrengthsFinder. Deb shares her pastor’s heart as she interacts with those she leads, helping them step into God’s design for them. It has been my privilege to be her professor, and now to serve as her colleague, ministry partner and friend.
Denise Muir Kjesbo, Ph.D.

Professor and Program Director, Bethel Seminary

Thankful that you were my teacher. Thankful that I learned so much from you, and that it became an opportunity for me to serve better. Thankful that you prayed for me. I’m really grateful and may the good Lord guide and bless you as you continue to care for his little ones.

Dr. Deb is fantastic. I thought this course would be a boring course prior to participating in the course. I am glad to say that I was wrong!

Dr Deb is a treasure and I am incredibly thankful to be one of the many who have benefited from her time, heart and gifts. She truly embodies what mentorship is all about.

This program was not only the launch I needed to take confident next steps in ministry, it was the knowledge, experience, learning and equipment required to do so. I most definitely would not be where I am today in my career without having invested in this program. And the financial investment leads to Kingdom dividends, of that I am sure. I know who I am as a leader, who the kids and parents are that I serve and what my team needs in order to serve because of the material covered and the assignments completed. Do it. There is no possible negative to the investment. The Lord’s fingerprints are all over it. (PW)

The certificate program was well worth my time and the monetary investment. It gave me confidence to find my place at the table, gave me a support group of amazing people who loved kids as much as I did, and helped confirm in me the calling that God had placed on my life. The students, the volunteers, and my family all benefited from the interactions and materials I learned! (PR)

Deb is awesome! A woman of God and she knows her stuff! I love her heart for God and the presence of the Lord in and on her life. In her classroom, it is like being in church. I get fired up! It would have been very nice to sit in her class each week, not just during intensives.

The instructor is kind, thoughtful, Peaceful, and holds many other fruits of the spirit. Her temperament is intact. so that when she corrects your viewpoint, she does not do it in a way that comes across as harsh, but you know she disagrees with you and that you are wrong. But it doesn’t bother you because there is an appropriate temperament attached to it for an academic setting. I think this is a very important quality in an instructor. You understand where you made mistakes, but it doesn’t set off personal issues between you and them. She shines in this regard. You can learn from her and it never feels adversarial or caustic. She is a gift to the Seminary in this way.

Dr. Deb is an expert at what she teaches; broad base of knowledge and experience. Very personable.

I am so thankful for the Engage Certificate Program and how it has made my ministry better and me a better leader for my ministry. I also made lasting friendships. The instructors were instrumental in this program. They are so caring, compassionate, approachable and relatable. (ASH)

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