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Books for kids and families during the Pandemic

Oct 16, 2020 | Children’s Ministry, Family Ministry

This year’s pandemic has impacted our children who are struggling with the loss of normal routines, play-dates with friends, visits with grandparents and virtual school. Anxiety is high and emotions are charged.  Following is a list of books that may be helpful to families navigating this unusual time of lock-down and isolation.

Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenya Nellist- “Sometimes hope is hiding in the darkness, but it’s always there. You just have to find it.”

Through the Storm by Joanna Rowland— “A story to being hope in times of trouble. It is a moving reminder that we’re never alone even when things seem the darkest.”

Memory Box by Joanna Rowland (for those who have lost a loved one) This book talks about loss and grief. It talks about what it is like to remember and grieve a loved one lost.

Quinn Says Goodbye by Christie Thomas (For children who are dealing with loss of any kind) “Although people and things might not be in their life forever, God will never leave them.”

Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas– Written for children experiencing moments of separation anxiety or other common fears, Quinn’s Promise Rock reminds kids that God will always be there for them, whatever happens or wherever they go.

It Will Be Okay by Lisa Terkeurst–This sweet book reminds kids that even when you feel like you’re trapped in a dark place (like the seed in this story), God has a plan.

Firebird: He Lived for the Sunshine by Brent McCorkie and Amy Parker– Firebird hates when God lets the storms take the sun away. One day he flies above the storm to discover that the sun is ALWAYS shining, even during a storm. It’s a reminder that there’s hope, even when we can’t see it.

There’s a Happy Moon in my Side by Richard Black– This children’s book has been written to help children learn skills to grow their emotional awareness, resilience, and wellbeing.

Help Your Dragon with Anxiety by Steve Herman- A book to teach children the best way to think and deal with worry and anxiety.

A Little Spot of Anxiety: a story about calming your worries by Diane Alber—The goal of this book is to give children the tools needed to identify what emotion they are feeling and how to properly manage that emotion.

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