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Celebrate What’s Right with Your Child

Apr 20, 2020 | Family Ministry

I believe that what makes the biggest developmental difference in someone’s life is having at least one person who not only loves and cares about him/her but who also recognizes, celebrates and encourages their uniqueness.  Someone who encourages them to excel. Someone who sees what’s right with the child more than what’s wrong and can see the best in them.

Parenting our children isn’t one size fits all. Our children are created uniquely with different personalities, strengths and abilities. Parenthood is a journey of trying things out, making missteps, and gaining insights from them. Parents have to figure out what works best for their child. Through testing and reflection and with good support, parents can figure out the best way to parent their child so that they grow up and live into who they were created to be.

One of the best ways I have found to encourage children to discover, explore and grow in their strengths and abilities is called strengths spotting. It is paying attention to our children as they work and play.  What captures his attention? What does she love to do? When do you see them light up? Do they love to be the center of attention? Does your child often help others without being asked? Is your child naturally curious and often gets bored doing things the same way? Are they good at making new friends and meet new people easily? All these are clues to the unique talents and strengths bubbling up from inside those tiny creations.

All parents want the best for their child.Take time to discover your child‘s unique talents and strengths and encourage their growth. Create an environment where your child can make the most of his or her natural strengths and abilities.  Celebrate what is right with your child and set them up for success in life.  As parents we get the privilege of reflecting God’s heart to them as we engage their world and search for the core of who God has made them to be.

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