A common struggle in CM is recruiting and sustaining volunteers. How do we get the right souls in the right roles? If we assess and can articulate clearly the following, people are going to be much more willing to respond to our invitation and join us on the journey.

  • Vision: “If you cannot articulate a clear picture of what you are seeking to achieve, how can you lead people there?” George Barna
  • Mission: Mission focuses on the present state of your ministry. Who are you? What do you do and why do you do it?
  • People and Tasks: What kinds of gifts, strengths and abilities are needed for the vision and mission of this team?
  • Clear Expectations: People need to know what they are signing up for. What do you expect of those who serve and what can they expect from you?
  • Role Descriptions: What are the specific tasks for each role? What qualifications are needed?

Created for and published in Children’s Ministry Magazine. www.childrensministry.com. Reprinted by permission. Copyright Group Publishing, All Rights Reserved.