Gen Alpha includes those born in 2010 or later. More than 2.5 million Alphas are born each week and by 2025 it is predicted there will be close to 2 billion of them. Gen Alpha has been immersed in technology since birth. They are growing up in a world where devices are smart and everything and everyone is connected.

Children need to be developed as leaders in the world they live in. This training should provide young emerging leaders with the opportunity to learn, grow and change as people who will make a difference and influence their world. What are some of the key challenges we face in developing emerging leaders?

  • Consider how technology has changed communication, connection and information. They will play, learn and interact in new ways. Teaching communication skills and interpersonal relationship skills is vital for this generation. These would include self-awareness, empathy, cooperation and conflict resolution.
  • They are over-scheduled, overwhelmed and stressed by all the expectations to succeed. Help them set realistic goals and expectations. Provide an environment where failure is not fatal.
  • Gen Alpha is used to getting answers immediately. Without immediate access to information they bore easily and lose focus. While information must be relevant and enjoyable, teach them about patience, endurance and waiting on God. Growth takes time.

Created for and published in Children’s Ministry Magazine. Reprinted by permission. Copyright Group Publishing, All Rights Reserved.